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Start here to learn and refresh on how to work your website. Easy video tutorials to help you learn the basics. Scroll through the row of videos at the bottom of the video player and click the tabs at the top of the video player to change topic. Click the expand icon at the bottom right of the video player to view the video full screen.  view video full screen


In-depth Tutorials

Training videos produced by our software partner, who developed the CMS system for your SpoonDrawer website. Click the expand icon at the bottom right of the video player to view the video full screen. view video full screen


Recorded Webinars

Review past training webinars. Click the expand icon at the bottom right of the video player to view the video full screen.  view video full screen



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Free Graphics

Download free buttons and other graphics to use on your website.

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How to Get Found Through SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)


The whole SEO topic can be a bit daunting.  SEO is how your website gets crawled and ranked by search engines.  Here are some tips and links to help you understand and optimize your site for search. Start by watching the tutorial videos to gain a better understanding on how to update and change your website then think about SEO when you're updating, creating and adding content to your site.  


A very simplified list of where to start with SEO for a webpage:

  1. Determine what content will be on the page.
  2. Come up with 1 or 2 keywords or key phrases for the page. (focus on something specific, if you use "cruise vacations" you will never come up on the first page)
  3. Create your unique page content, making sure to include your key words/phrases.  This includes well written copy, page titles and unique images.  Make sure you pay attention to the image file name (don't use any spaces) and the alternate image text (spaces ok here). 
  4. Create a unique Title Tag also called Window Title (keep it about 50-60 characters long, separating each keyword or key phrase with a pipe (vertical line "|")
  5. Add a Meta Description, should read like a sentence (about 150 characters long)


Sign Up for the following:

  1. Google Analytics and then give us the code so you can start tracking
  2. Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) and it'll provide you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google
  3. Bing Webmaster Tools. A lot of people still use Internet Explorer, Bing, and Yahoo search

 Make sure you "Fetch as Google" in Google Webmaster Tools once there has been significant change to your pages (or after you just went live) 


Want to learn more?  Check out these awesome links:

What is SEO / Seach Engine Optimization? (VIDEO)

Which factors contribute to your SEO rankings (IMAGE)

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors (IMAGE)

Google Trends - helps you find keywords and search terms

15 Title Tage Optimization Guidelines for Usability and SEO

How to Write Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization

Tips & Tricks

Useful information to help you get the most out of your website and online marketing 

  1. Upgrade your Internet browser. (click to discover why)
  2. Learn about 2014's web design trends. Click here
  3. Four typography trends for 2014. Click here
  4. Convert Word Documents to clean HTML. Click here
  5. Pixlr - free online photo editor (great for resizing photos). Click here
  6. PicMonkey - another free online photo editor (this one is awesome for collages) Click here
  7. Canva - Ok, one more free online tool.  This one is a great design tool for banners, promotions and more. Click here

SpoonDrawer Website Tips

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