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Phase 1

Phase One - We're Off!

This is the fun stuff! Creating your own website about YOU and your business.
Just remember, nothing is set and stone. Every single bit of this can be changed whenever you want. We just need something to get the site started.

  • FORM 1: This is a general form that gives us the information to build your website.

  • ABOUT US:  Tell visitors about you, your team and your business. 

  • WELCOME AREA: A short introduction to your company and services.

  • HOME PAGE VIDEO: Choose the video you'd like on your home page for the first month.

  • BANNER IMAGES: Choose the first 4 images that will adorn your website's home page, that is, unless you chose a BANNER VIDEO CLIP.

  • LOGO: Every site needs a logo. We need yours!

  • MENU: Creating an easy-to-navigate site is super important!

Phase 2

Phase Two - It's Getting Serious!

Here's your chance to really personalize the content of your website.

  • FEATURED CONTENT:  Choose the travel topics you would like to highlight on your home page.

  • INTERIOR PAGES: This is a biggie. You'll be coming back here several times.

  • INBOUND & EMAIL MARKETING: We'll set up  your email marketing template and help you get your Inbound Marketing initiatives on track.

  • TESTIMONIALS: Submit your client testimonials
Phase 3

Phase Three - Almost Done!

The Lower Third section of the website (Gold and Silver website packages only), features eye-catching graphics that visitors can click on to learn more about your business. After all that is complete we are ready to launch your new website (All website packages). 


  • LOWER THIRD DETAILS:  Tell us about which Lower Third you selected

  • FREE OFFER:  Creating educational content that drives traffic to your website. (Gold Inbound Marketing packages only)
  • BLOG CONTENT FORM:  If you are writing your own blog content and would like us to design and post it for you, complete this form.

  • READY TO LAUNCH: Ready to launch your new website, just a few more questions to answer. (All packages to complete this form) 

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