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Video Questionnaire

Thanks for you interest in working with SpoonDrawer for you next video project. In order to provide you with a quote, we need a little information about the envisioned project.

Please fill out the below form to the best of your knowledge and click "Submit." We will contact you shortly to schedule a conversation.

 If you have questions, call 440-893-0900 between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm ET, or email info@spoondrawer.com. 

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This Part is About You


Phone Number* (ex: 216-555-1212)
Where are you located?* We are in the USA in Eastern Time zone.


About Your Video Project


What is your budget?* We need to have an idea of what you are willing to invest in the project.
Who is your competition?
Who is the audience of the video?
How long do you think the video should be?* Remember, less is best (and less expensive)
Are we filming something or someone?
 Yes  No  
If so, where?
Will someone be speaking on camera? (This brings in the need for a mic)
 Yes  No  
If so, how many people?
Give us a little information about what you need filmed.
Will you be supplying us with any video or still images for use in the video?
 Yes  No  
Do we need to purchase any video clips or still images for the project?
 Yes  No  
Do you have a script? A script is the foundation for your video production.
 Yes  No
If not, are you writing the script or are we?
Where will the video play?
When do you need the final project delivered?
How do you want the final project delivered?
 DVD  Video File
 TV Ready File (We will need broadcast specs)  Other (Explain in the comments)







that's it! Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form.

Please click Submit below.


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