Barney Theme

Barney’s theme features a very different Image Slider carousel. Images appear full screen as well as half-screen from the top and side. VERY unique! For Plus/Professional, we can even add a video clip to the mix for added interest! (See it in action)

The Welcome area and Video area are designed together in the next section to add a bit of interest to the theme.

The Travel Features section has an area for 4 different highlighted topics. They appear as large rectangular images. There are additional options for the Plus and Professional packages.

The Testimonials are located below. Three are included with Standard, five with Plus, and unlimited with Professional.

About Barney

Barney was an adorable beagle who had the cutest floppy ears and a nose that wouldn’t stop sniffing. And howl….. don’t forget the howl!  He had a great life and lived to be over 15 years old!

spoondrawerBarney Theme