Building a Brand Strategy

Every professional business owner needs to understand the reasons for building a unique identity for their business. By creating a “brand identity”, they build a reputation that becomes a part of the fabric of their business.

At SpoonDrawer, we review the various elements that will help you create a brand identity.

Business or Brand?

Can you have a business without a brand?  Actually, you can. For example, the local pizza place down the street is likely a business, not a brand. The same goes for your dry cleaners or even your veterinarian. These are businesses operating primarily on convenience.

Most travel agencies have a vision of who their perfect client is. Often times this is based on what the agency prefers to sell. And that is based often on the owner’s personal travel preferences. If you enjoy selling African Safaris or luxury custom-tailored vacations, you’re probably going to target that market.

The advantage of a travel agency over many other local small businesses is that your business isn’t limited to a local drive area like a salon, dry cleaners or restaurant would be. Instead, with proper Inbound Marketing, you can position yourself as a leader in your field and have customers all over the country.

Creating Your Brand

At SpoonDrawer, we take our expertise in marketing, particularly Inbound Marketing, and help you build a brand for your business. Items we discuss and build upon:

  • Creating your brand’s beliefs and values
  • Encourage everyone on your team to become brand ambassadors
  • Identify why customers should buy from you versus a competitor
  • Identify and understand your ideal clients
  • Define your brand’s personality
  • Tie the brand together across your various promotional outlets (social, website, print, email)
  • Design your brand to target your ideal clients

These are just some of the items we discuss when it comes to helping our Inbound Marketing clients create their brand strategy.

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