SpoonDrawer Website Cancellation Policy

At SpoonDrawer, we understand nothing in the world lasts forever, and as much as we value and want to keep working with each and every client, business needs change. With this in mind, below is the official SpoonDrawer website cancellation policy, along with an explanation of this policy.

At SpoonDrawer, we do not believe in holding anyone “hostage” and will cancel your website at any time. We need you to understand our policy however.

As your website provider, we build your website on servers that we lease from GoDaddy or Accrisoft. We are billed on the first of each month for your website. We then get “reimbursed” by collecting our monthly fees from you RETROACTIVELY, based on the date of your billing cycle.

What This Means

Simply put, when you request a cancellation of your website, you need to pay for the current month of service and then we will cancel your website, no questions asked, effective for the following month.

It’s a simple as that.

We hate to see you go, but we understand business needs change. We will always appreciate your business and will welcome you back with open arms down the road.

spoondrawerCancellation Policy