Customizing Your Homepage

Every website has certain elements that are standard so the user experience will be familiar. We’ve taken these elements and made them highly customizable so that your website will be unique.

Homepage Elements

  • Top Links Bar
  • Logo and Menu Navigation Bar
  • Bold Image Carousel
  • Welcome Area
  • Featured Content Sections
  • Customizable Videos
  • Testimonials Carousel
  • Footer

Sample Homepage

Clickable Element Sections

Scroll over and click on the different areas to learn more about that element.

Customizing Your Homepage
Top Links Bar Logo and Main Navigation Bar Welcome Area Bold Image Carousel Featured Content Sections Customizable Videos Testimonials Carousel Footer

Top Links Bar

This optional top bar contains information and shortcuts to common page links, or specialty links, that don't necessarily need to take up valuable room on your main menu navigation. The color is customizable to your brand.

Logo and Main Navigation Bar

Your logo can appear centered above the main menu links, or to the left of the menu. This area can be personalized with custom fonts, colors, and optional social media links.

Welcome Area

Every site has a "Welcome" section. That's where your business is introduced to the world. It contains a Header, as well as a short intro paragraph that tells visitors about your business and what your services are.

It can also contain images, graphics, a "Read More" button, or other items that lead visitors to further actions.

Bold Image Carousel

The main focal point of the site are the bold images that load when the site is first launched. We have several dozen styles of carousels that can be totally customized making it unique for each website.

We offer 2 types of Image Carousels, Standard or Specialty. The Standard Carousel features 1 large image per slide with overlay text and optional animation. The Specialty Carousel includes multiple images per slide, and some include video clips, or other interactive features that make the images stand out. Specialty Carousels have an additional development fee based on the complexity of the carousel.

Featured Content Sections

We've created eye-catching graphics that we call "Featured Content" sections. These contain various elements that call out specific pages on your website that you want to prominently feature on your homepage.

We offer several different styles of Featured Content elements designed as circular, square, or rectangular images that house colorful images that entice visitors to click on.

This example features 3 "featured circles" as well as 3 "featured squares", that directly link to pages of the site that the owner wants to highlight.

Customizable Videos

For our travel industry clients, you can highlight different destinations, suppliers, seasonal travel ideas, and many other types of travel topics by choosing from over 100 travel videos (and growing) that we make available for you. The videos can be swapped out as often as you'd like to correspond with your marketing and promotions.

For non-travel clients, send us any custom videos you have produced and we'll add them to your homepage as well.

Testimonials Carousel

Let visitors know how awesome you are! With our rotating Testimonials Carousel, you can add some of your best client testimonials right to your homepage. They'll rotate every few seconds so visitors can see how just many people really love you!


The Footer contains 3 sections. One is a short blurb about your business, the middle contains links to your social media, and the right side is an area for your contact information. These can be customized however you'd like though.

spoondrawerCustomizing Your Homepage