INBOUND MARKETING: Ebooks and Ezines

You can gain many new qualified leads by enticing visitors with interesting ebooks or ezines on your site. By creating informational content that peaks their interest, they’ll simply complete a form on your site, thus becoming a lead you can follow up with.

Know, Like & Trust

As a travel professional, you can build a reputation of “know, like and trust” by providing visitors with exciting information about travel destinations or experiences. Once people trust you, they are 80% more likely to become a valuable client than if they feel you are just trying to dip into their wallets just to sell them something.

A Free Offer or Blog post is not a place to highlight promotions or push sales. Instead, it should contain valuable educational information.


Perfect examples of great Blog Posts of Free Offers might be:

  • Ten Secrets to Saving Money on Your Honeymoon
  • Five of the Best Beaches in Hawaii for Couples
  • An Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Best Destination Wedding Location
  • A Non-partisan guide comparing Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Princess Cruises

Visitors searching for this type of information will hopefully land on your website and download the Offer, thus, becoming a lead for your agency. The more Offers and Blog Posts you write, the more chances of capturing leads.

Pre-Written Ebooks

We include a number of pre-written ebooks with your Inbound Professional Website package. We will personalize them with your logo as well.

We do strongly suggest you supplement by writing a few of your own.

Writing Your Own Ebooks

We include the design and setup of 4 ebooks per year that you write. With an Advanced Support Package on your account, we’ll design as many as you write.

Once they are written, just upload them to us via Free Offer Form on our Website Builder.

Click on the links below to see an example of what you would write and then what we turn it into.

Copy Example: An actual client wrote this short, simple copy.
Finished Ebook: We took that copy and turned it into this ebook.

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