Peppy Theme

Peppy’s theme features a large Image Slider that features a small text area with an opaque background that slides in from the side of the website. It’s pretty slick!  (See it in action)

The Welcome area spans the width of the page, giving you a lot of room to personalize your message.

You have a choice of 2 different Travel Features sections, one with 3 horizontal rectangles that span the width of the page, or (below the video row), an area with 4 smaller squares which is perfect for images of your staff.  Choose one or the other with the Standard package. There are additional options for the Plus and Professional packages.

The Video player is large and has an area next to it that allows you to add a bit of text to talk about your video choice, which adds a nice touch!

The Testimonials are located below. Three are included with Standard, five with Plus, and unlimited with Professional.

About Peppy

Peppy was a darling little white toy Poodle with a teddy-bear haircut and face. He was a fun little guy that traveled everywhere with Adam, from Washington DC to Florida to Ohio and more. Peppy’s a little angel now but we know he’d be proud of the website theme named after him!

spoondrawerPeppy Theme