Scooter Theme

Scooter’s theme features a very different Image Slider that features a picture-in-picture effect and very slick animated text that appears on the top of each image.   (See it in action)

The Welcome area spans the width of the page, giving you a lot of room to personalize your message.

The Video player is large and has an area next to it that allows you to add a bit of text, which adds a nice touch! It also sits on top of a background image that “moves” as the page scrolls up or down!

The Travel Features section is totally unique. You have your choice of 6 or 3 small rectangles that “flip” when a user hovers over the top of them! We call these “Hover Boxes” and they add a nice effect to the site. You decide the topics and we’ll create a link to another page for each one so that your visitors can read more. There are additional options for the Plus and Professional packages.

The Testimonials are located below. Three are included with Standard, five with Plus, and unlimited with Professional.

About Scooter

Scooter was a lovable little Beagle girl with big floppy ears who loved to howl, hunt and eat! She lived to the ripe old age of 17 and was loved every minute of her life.

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