Website Builder

  1. Below are links to important forms we created that will allow you to get us content, images or documents that you would like on your website.
  2. Click on the links below and follow the simple instructions.

If you need help, feel free to email me.

0-STRATEGY CALL QUESTIONNAIRE – Only needs completed if we didn’t finish it over our Strategy Call together.

1-FORM 1 – This tells us everything we need to know to start building your website.

2-LOGO – Upload your logo to us here.

3-SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS – Cut and paste the links to the social media pages you would like on your site.

4-WELCOME AREA – This is a short, yet important paragraph on your homepage that introduces your business to your site’s visitors.

5-ABOUT US PAGE – Tell us about your business, yourself and your team.

6-TESTIMONIALSAdd up to 5 short testimonials from your clients. This is displayed on your homepage.

7-GROUP LISTER PAGE – Use this page to LIST your groups. You must provide a PDF and we will set it up so visitors can download it.

8-OPTIONAL GROUP DETAILS PAGE – This is a very detailed page for promoting your groups. There is a $40 charge for SpoonDrawer to setup and design each Group Details Page.

NOTE: Use the form below to send us miscellaneous images for your website. 

EXTRA IMAGE UPLOADER – Use this form to send us EVERY image you would like us to add to your website.

spoondrawerWebsite Builder