Customizable Website Designs

All of our websites can be used right out of the box or, with our Plus and Professional packages, we can personalize the layout of the homepage to give your site a completely unique look.

Check out the Travel Themes below

For fun, we’ve given each theme a fictitious travel agency name – after our staffs’ dogs! Rusty’s Perfect Vacations, Teddy’s Adventures, and Lulu Travel Services to name a few!  Check them all out and then schedule a pre-sales call with us and we will go over the details with you.

Features of Each Website

Each website features elements on the homepage that are personalized to make your site unique.

We’ll help you layout your menu and submenu pages so it is easy to navigate for your visitors.

Each theme has a unique Image Slider (some even with video!) that is the focal point of your website. The Standard Package contains 3 images, the Plus Package contains 5 images and the Professional Package can have as many as you want.

A properly worded Welcome Area is important. This area should contain a bit on your business, but more importantly, how your visitors will benefit by choosing your agency. We will help you choose the right words so you can be found through the search engines.

Engage visitors longer on your homepage with exciting travel videos. You choose which videos you want and can have them changed out as often as you want.

The Travel Features section varies from site to site. It’s a place for you to highlight any type of travel you want. With the Plus and Professional packages, we can manipulate this area to give your site a very unique, custom appearance and set it apart from anyone else.

Highlight testimonials from your best clients and they will rotate automatically on your homepage.

Teddy Theme

Barney Theme

Sandy Theme

Sheeba Theme

Petula Theme

Lulu Theme

Peppy Theme

Scooter Theme

Rusty Theme

Harley Theme

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