A 5-page site that is popular with independent contractors, home-based travel agents, realtors, or any other person or business who needs a simple, online presence.

Perfect for business owners who need a site with more pages. Deluxe includes Google Analytics, and the design of 12 content pages in addition to the Home, About, and Resources pages.

The most popular. It includes the setup of 20 content pages, and a built-in blog, with training on how to properly write compelling blog posts.

Pro+Marketing is a website plus marketing package that helps you better understand how to create high-value content for your site that will generate traffic and produce targeted leads.  More >>

  • Onboarding Strategy Call
  • Pages Designed at Setup
    The numbers listed reflect what is included with the initial setup. Additional pages can be purchased for a nominal fee, which includes SpoonDrawer designing the pages.
  • Total Pages Allowed
    For all packages, you can have as many pages as you want. When we initially set up a site, we only design and publish a certain number of pages based on the package purchased.
  • Homepage Standard Slider
    Standard sliders are less complex to build and contain 1 image per slide that rotates.
  • Homepage Specialty Slider
    Specialty sliders are more complex sliders that contain multiple images and/or video, along with other unique elements which make them very interesting and appealing.
  • Homepage Video Player
    Travel videos embedded on your homepage that can be changed whenever you want. Just tell us what video and we will swap it for you as often as you like.
  • About Us Page
    Add up to 5 members of your team included. Additional members are $10 each. Updates are included with the Advanced Support package.
  • Travel Resources Page*
    Links to common travel resources websites. Travel clients only.
  • COVID-19 Resources Page*
    Links to websites for destinations around the work with their current updated COVID information. Travel clients only.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Custom Form
    Includes 1 custom form created with up to 10 fields.
  • SSL Certificate
    (secure website)
    We include a free SSL certificate with every SpoonDrawer website, which indicates your website is a secure site.
  • Group Lister Page*
    Neatly designed page used to promote Group Vacations. Included with Deluxe and higher. $75 additional for Starter package. Travel clients only.
  • FAQ Page
    Neatly designed page used to highligth Frequently Asked Questions. Included with Deluxe and higher. $75 additional for Starter package.
  • Google Analytics
  • Interactive Travel Maps*
    Includes 3 free maps. Hawaii, Europe, Caribbean. Additional maps can be purchased for $25 each.
  • Built-in Blog
  • Blog Training
    We will train you on how to write engaging blog posts using high-value keywords.
  • Marketing Strategy Call
    A 45-minute call to discuss your current marketing strategy versus your ultimate marketing goals.
  • Custom Keyword Analysis
    A customized report based on your marketing initiatives that reveals high-value keywords that need to be implemented into your website and blog posts.
  • Integrated Lead Magnets
    Graphics, Landing Pages and Customized Forms for e-books and other lead generating offers to capture a visitors contact information.
  • 12-Month Marketing Roadmap
    We produce a report that you can use as a guideline for your marketing efforts for the next 12 months.
  • 5
  • Unlimited
  • 3 Slides Included
  • 3 Slides for $75
  • 12
  • Unlimited
  • 4 Slides Included
  • 4 Slides for $100
  • 1
  • 20
  • Unlimited
  • 5 Slides Included
  • 5 Slides for $125
  • 2
  • 20
  • Unlimited
  • 5 Slides Included
  • 5 Slides for $125
  • 2

Support and Hosting Packages



Things We Do For You

$ 59

per month

  • We host the site on GoDaddy
  • We backup the site nightly
  • We take care of all Security and Plugin updates
  • We'll fix any Technical-Related Issues
  • We swap out your Homepage Videos whenever you want
  • We will update your Social Media links
  • We update your Logo if needed
  • We update your Contact Information
  • We also help with any ``quick fixes`` that you might need

MORE Things We Do For You

$ 69

per month

  • We edit Pages for you
  • We set up New Pages for you
  • We update Photos for you
  • We add or remove people from your About Us page
  • We add new Testimonials for you
  • We swap out your Banner Images
  • We add Videos to pages on your site for you
  • We update your Groups Page
  • We update your FAQs

Fee-Based Support

Clients with Standard Support can purchase individual items from the Advanced Support list on a case-by-case basis. These charges typically start at $20 per incident but vary depending on the project requirements.

If you need help with items that aren’t on either list, we can do that too. Again, these are handled on a case-by-case basis. Below are some items our clients hire us to for them:

  • Write page content for the site (we’re excellent writers)
  • Create specialized forms for your business
  • Edit, retouch, or resize any of your own personal photos that you would like on the site
  • Make changes to the Main Menu and Dropdown links (and the associated pages they link to)
  • Redesign parts of the site
  • Retrain new staff to use the system. (One hour training is included, after the first one, it’s billable).

We’re open to help you with anything to make your site better, and exactly what you want.

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