Website Hosting and Support Options

We know the importance of great support and are here to help you in every way we can. Afterall, we require support from other companies too! Choose the monthly hosting and support package that best suits your needs.

Standard Support is perfect for businesses that just want “insurance on their website” for technical-related issues and understand additional requests may require a fee.

Advanced Support is for businesses that want to us update their website as needed, freeing them for the responsibility of making the changes themselves. Most services are included.  See the chart below for details.


Includes support for website-related technical issues as well as items we deem as a “quick fix”.
Additional requests start at $25 based on the complexity of the issue.


Perfect for businesses who want us to handle most of the updating of their website. We’ll provide images, update and design new pages, and more.


Exclusive support for our Pro+Marketing website package clients. These items relate to the Inbound Marketing aspects that are included with this specific package.


$ 59

per month

  • Website hosting (VPS on GoDaddy)
  • Nightly backups
  • Website plugin and security updates
  • New video selections monthly
  • Licensing of design
  • Standard support options for site-related technical issues


$ 69

per month

  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited page changes/updates
  • Adding new pages with images
  • Updating homepage Banner Images
  • Video updates and video pages
  • Expedited support requests (typically 24 hours)


$ 99

per month

  • Everything in Advanced plus:
  • Marketing Strategy Call
  • Identify and market toward ``ideal clients``
  • High-value Keyword placement for best SEO
  • Blog topic recommendations
  • Blog post page templates
  • Images for blog posts
  • Design of quarterly lead magnets written by client (4 per year)
  • Design of the landing pages for lead magnets
  • Custom forms created for each lead magnet
  • Photoshop editing
  • Quarterly Strategy Calls

NOTE: Package Changes for 2021

*Included: Page updates, copy and text changes updates, free SpoonDrawer-provided photos and videos, adding client-supplied written copy, menu/navigation updates. Billable items: Photo editing, writing page copy, creating custom forms, homepage redesigns, complex page designs (such as bulleted lists, or other time-consuming layouts). These services will be discussed and quoted separately on a case by case basis.

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